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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Age of Rocks: the official move

Well, I've finally finished the process of migrating all of my posts to a new domain, which I hope you'll find easier to navigate and read. All content from now on will be posted to the new site:

A special thanks to all of you who have followed the blog to this point, and I hope you'll continue to do so at the new address. Below is a screenshot from the new page. There are some formatting issues with certain articles in adapting to the new template, so please be patient as I work to re-edit every post and especially to redirect the links, which are currently pointing back to this Blogspot page. In time, however, I hope it to be a worthy investment. I will likely leave this page up for a while as an archive database, until I figure out something better. Thanks again!


  1. Thank you so so so much for this blog and info. It is and will continue to be a great resource for my family.

  2. I have recently been looking for ageofrocks.org and find just a nondescript search page. I think that domain is now gone?